My mother’s adventures in the Middle East

Brief from ISTD 2018 Student Briefs. Writing Women Into History. Celebrate the life of a woman who has previously gone unrecognised for her role in the worlds of art, music, science, industry, technology, or any aspect of our culture that you deem worthy and write her back into history.

My project is about my mother. She is a historian and in the 90s she traveled alone in the Middle East to learn Arabic and discover the world.

For me it is important to write her testimony, because I think it can inspire anyone. She is a restless woman who dared to move away from home to discover the mysteries of the Middle East.

With this project I wanted to show that being a woman should not be scary to leave home to follow your goals. In her case, she wanted to learn Arabic, so she went to the best place to learn it. On the way she found herself with all sorts of friendly and precious characters and places that unfortunately no longer exist. Therefore, after digging into photo albums, reading letters and listening to the stories my mother told me, I have compiled all this information in three booklets, separated into three themes.

Places, people and everyday life. In each of these sections I present the images and the anecdotes made by my mother as it is now. When we unfold the booklets we find a poster. The three united posters make up a very special map that goes hand in hand with the story of my mother.